|Why Social Betterment?

Socially sustainable investment practices provide the framework for inherently stable and scalable enterprises. When all stakeholders' interests align, operational friction is minimized, long term success is maximized, and risks typically associated with emerging and frontier markets are mitigated. Through enlightened self-interest, SeedRock Group sees tremendous opportunity for the private sector to mobilize and fund social programs in emerging markets around the globe by providing an array of support that assists both financially as well as through training and development. At the local level, SeedRock not only wants to protect the interests of the communities but also wants to be an integral part of a multi-stakeholder approach to social betterment development.

SeedRock's social impact initiatives rely heavily on our exceptional relationships with academic partners, sector specialists and government organizations and associations to help identify the needs of the local communities, and then collaboratively, create solutions to sustainable development. The local communities will then not only reap the economic rewards of SeedRock's business operations, but also benefit from tailored social betterment programs that will provide income, health, education opportunities and hope for the long term.

|What We Do

With social betterment intrinsically linked to the core philosophy of the organization, SeedRock created SeedRock Social Enterprises, an additional business line established to help lead innovative and positive change in the emerging markets where SeedRock businesses operate. In developing our value proposition and creating SeedRock Social Enterprises we have cultivated a collaborative approach that goes beyond traditional corporate social responsibility to deliver social betterment programs that support an integrated approach to sustainable development in the areas of food security, education, microfinance and health.

To help identify the needs of the communities as well as lead innovative industry research and development, SeedRock establishes partnerships with sector specialists and highly focused organizations. Through these partnerships, SeedRock Social Enterprises gains access to sector expertise and funding in addition to creating an environment that will support an avant-garde network of global learning between the private and public sectors. Focus lays heavily on strengthening local capacity to create a sustainable social investment through participatory development. Engaging with the local government, universities, CBOs and NGOs, SeedRock and SeedRock Social Enterprises ensures that social programming is inline with local development plans and that efforts build on, rather than replace, existing capacities.

|Social Impact

  • Microfinance
  • Education
  • Healthcare