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SeedRock was formed by a group of successful like-minded venture professionals with outstanding track records in Natural Resources, Emerging Markets, and Fund Management. Individually, we have raised in excess of $750M in capital, managed over $2.5 billion in assets, and built early-stage companies to an aggregate market cap well in excess of $1.7-Billion dollars.

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|Strategic Council

Prime Nyamoya
Former president of Burundi Bankers Association, Former General Manager of Banque de Credit de Bujumbura.

Alassane Kone
Former President of Bankers Association of Niger, President of Federation of Bankers Associations of West African Economic and Monetary Union.

Moustapha Dicko
Former Member of Parliament for Mali, former Minister of Education, former Ambassador to Burkina Fasso.

Mohamed El-Hacen ould Lebbat
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Maurtania, Ambassador of Mauritania to South Africa, Permanent Representative to the African Union, Special Representative of Boutros-Boutros Ghaly, Rector of University of Nouakchott

FS Moufamadi
Former Minister for Safety and Security of South Africa.

Ablasse Ouedraogo
Senior Regional Advisor to the President of African Development Bank, Special Envoy of the African Union for Madagascar, Member of the Board of Trustees of International Center for Tropical Agriculture, Member of African Union Mediation Team for Chad and Sudan.