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SeedRock was formed by a group of successful like-minded venture professionals with outstanding track records in Natural Resources, Emerging Markets, and Fund Management. Individually, we have raised in excess of $750M in capital, managed over $2.5 billion in assets, and built early-stage companies to an aggregate market cap well in excess of $1.7-Billion dollars.

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|Corporate Team

David Baumann
Senior Partner

-30 years experience in finance and private banking in Europe, Russia, and the Middle East
-Extensive network of business executives and government officials throughout Europe, Eastern-Europe, and Africa
-Fluent in 8 languages

Michael Dean
CEO SeedRock Agriculture/Partner

-Company director and lawyer with over 20 years of legal and business management experience.
-Extensive experience of large scale and complex development and resource ventures and acquisitions
-Expertise in project origination and development in the environmental and alternative energy sectors

Stephen Burega
CEO SeedRock Social Enterprises/Partner

-13+ years experience in communications and government relations
-Experience spans national and international projects
-Has acted as communication council for Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric
-Consultant to the BC Center for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and international AIDS Society

Kaz Okitsu
Executive VP Corporate Development

-18+ years of experience in both Asian and North American business cultures
-Guided government officials, non-profit organizations, international general trading companies
-Coordinated educational and technical tours for business people, politicians, government officials, and investors

Rob Leclerc, PhD
Senior Associate

-15+ years of quantitative and scientific research
-Author of multiple ground breaking articles in published Nature journals
-Five degrees, including a PhD from Yale University

Justin Bruch
SeedRock Agriculture COO

-16+ years large scale farming experience.
-Established farms in Iowa, Brazil, Ukraine
-Built several large scale agribusinesses (10,000 hectares+)
-BSc in Agronomy and an MBA
-Regular expert panelist at agribusiness conferences

Fernand Arnaud
SeedRock Agriculture Chief Agronomist

-A professional agronomist with 40+ years in agricultural project origination and development in Africa
-Globally respected as a specialist in hybrid seed production
-Expert in crop and farm management

Nouhoum Traore
Country Manager, Mali

-Experienced and distinguished Agro-Economist
-Recipient of the Chevalier de l'Ordre National du Mali (2006) and the Chevalier du Merite Agricole de France (2009)
-Former technical adviser to the President of Mali on agriculture

Pierre Tapsoba
Country Manager, Burkina Faso

-Qualified geologist and former Minister for Health in Burkina Faso
-Most recently managed a team of agricultural specialists in the development of large scale biofuel

Anya Walsh
Senior Program Coordinator

-4+ years of development experience in Africa, Latin America, Canada and Asia
-Assistant to the Country Director for the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization in Sierra Leone
-Led the Farmer Field School evaluation in West Africa
-MA Human Security and Peacebuilding