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SeedRock was formed by a group of successful like-minded venture professionals with outstanding track records in Natural Resources, Emerging Markets, and Fund Management. Individually, we have raised in excess of $750M in capital, managed over $2.5 billion in assets, and built early-stage companies to an aggregate market cap well in excess of $1.7-Billion dollars.

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|Advisory Board

Pierre Buyoya
-Two-terms as President of the Republic of Burundi
-Ex-Minister of Defense
-Currently member of the African High Union Panel for Darfur
-Member of Burundi Senate

Sir Ketumil Joni Masiere
Former President of Botswana

-Mediator in the Civil war in the DRC
-Member of the Global Leadership Foundation
-Author of Very Brave or Very Foolish: Memoirs of an African Diplomat

Benjamin Mkapa
-Two-terms as President of the United Republic of Tanzania
-Former Chairman for the Revolutionary State Party
-Appointed to the Aga Khan University Board of Trustees

Babacar N'Diaye
-Former President of the African Development Bank
-Founder of the African Business Round table
-Member of the West African Observatory of Business ethics
-Member of the African Forum of African leaders