|What We Do

SeedRock is an investor in and a developer of natural resources and energy related businesses globally. These businesses are benefited by our commitment to additional investment in the social (health, education and microfinance) and environmental sectors.

SeedRock was formed by a group of successful like-minded venture professionals with outstanding track records in Natural Resources, Emerging Markets, and Fund Management. Individually, SeedRock's Principals have raised in excess of $750M in capital, managed over $2.5 billion in assets, and built early-stage companies to an aggregate market cap well in excess of $1.7-Billion dollars.

|Our Vision

  • We seek to become the most successful and profitable asset manager of natural resources in the emerging markets. We will set a precident for emerging market investments by demonstrating the immense and positive impact that social and environmental improvements have on safeguarding our investments, maximizing growth, and increasing our bottom line